Financial/Treatment Pricing

Treatment Pricing

New patient visit- The new patient visit is the first appointment to establish care with one of our fertility specialists.  This appointment can be done virtually, or in person- patient choice.  The appointment includes a full hour with a fertility specialist who will thoroughly review of patient and partner health histories, establish a plan of action for next steps and provide an outline treatment protocol should you choose to pursue fertility treatment with our clinic.  Often, this consultation appointment is covered by insurance. 

The self pay price for this appointment is $400.00.

Counseling- depending on your treatment plan, genetic counseling may be required as part of your cycle.  This service is also elective and can be utilized by any of our patients at their request. Counseling services are billed separately and paid directly to the counseling practice. Learn about our fertility psychologist here.

Once you have established care with one of our fertility specialists a personalized treatment plan will be provided to you. To learn more about estimated fertility treatment costs click here.

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