Financial/Affording Treatment

Affording Treatment

Reach Fertility is proud to have several options to help our patients worry less about the financial aspect and focus on becoming a parent.

We have expert financial counselors who will review your specific treatment plan and help you navigate which financial option best fits your needs. All our financial options can be used in conjunction with your insurance benefits.

We offer several payment plans and the option to pay up front.

Flexible Financing Programs

We have partnered with CapexMD, Lending Club, and Ally Bank to offer a wide variety of loan options, that will allow financing often required to make your treatment affordable. Each program can be customized to fit your individual circumstances.

We also offer multi-cycle and 100% refund packages through Fertility Access. Fertility Access offers an added layer of financial protection allowing patients to optimize their budget and minimize financial risk.

Flexible Financing

Additional options

Clinical Research

Reach Fertility is proud to be a practice dedicated to ongoing research and development in the field of reproductive medicine.  Our clinical study director Dr. Jack Crain has over 40 years of experience as a reproductive scientist.  Patients approved to participate in clinical studies often receive reduced or free fertility medication and services.

Learn more about our current clinical research here.

Clinical Research

Bundle of Joy Fund

The Samantha and Kyle Busch Bundle of Joy Fund is a monetary grant awarded to in-need families struggling with infertility and is an exclusive benefit for Reach patients. These funds will assist with the costs associated with infertility treatment.

Learn how to apply here.

Bundle of Joy Fund

Fertility Assist

Because Thank You just isn't enough, Reach is proud to offer teachers, military, first responders, and healthcare workers a discount of 10% off any self pay cycle. ** Discount applies to IVF cycles and FET cycles ONLY.

To learn more about Fertility Assist and find out if you qualify, please mention this program to your financial counselor at Reach.

Fertility Assist
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