Understanding Infertility/Male Fertility Health

Male Fertility Health

Male factor infertility is diagnosed in 40-50% percent of couples.  For a man to be fertile, his sperm cells must be healthy and be transported to their destination – the egg. Most cases of male infertility are due to sperm abnormalities, yet any of the following can play a role:

  • Low sperm count
  • Abnormally shaped sperm cells
  • Sperm that are immobile or have impaired movement
  • Impaired delivery of sperm

A semen analysis is a simple lab test that determines the health of a patient’s semen.

Semen health is determined by:

  • the quantity (number)
  • motility (movement)
  • morphology (shape)

Semen analysis testing is done on site in our andrology laboratory and results are available within 48 hours. Other diagnostic measures may include a physical examination, blood tests, hormone evaluation, and genetic testing.

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