Third Party Reproduction/Egg Donor Recipient

Egg Donor Recipient

Using a donor egg to acheive pregnancy.

 IVF patients using egg donation include healthy women who have a low ovarian reserve due to premature ovarian failure, an insufficient supply of good-quality eggs, or a genetic condition that may be passed from mother to child. Women who have experienced a poor response to ovarian stimulation medications may also qualify.Log in to our database HERE to view donors IF you have already registered and been provided a password.

For Egg Donor Recipients

Since IVF with egg donation is determined on a case-by-case basis, a screening evaluation is performed for each potential patient involving a review of one's medical history and a thorough medical examination.

IVF with donor egg process:

  1. Selection and Matching
  2. Cycle Synchronization
  3. Egg Retrieval and Fertilization
  4. Embryo Transfer
Selection and Matching
The egg donor recipient will review available donors and make a selection based on their personal, physical criteria.  A third party reproduction team member will help guide this process.
Synchronize cycle of donor with recipient
Once a donor has been selected, it is necessary to synchronize the menstrual cycles of both the donor and the recipient.  This involves the use of medication to suppress the recipient's natural cycle and prepare her uterus for implantation of the embryo. During this time, the donor receives fertility medications to stimulate the maturation of multiple eggs.
Egg Retrieval and Fertilization
Once the eggs have been collected from the donor, they undergo fertilization with sperm from the recipient's partner. The embryologist will monitor the development of the embryos and determine the best quality embryo for implantation.
Embryo Transfer
Once an embryo is selected, the recipient will be prepped for the transfer to her uterus.  This minor procedure takes 10-15 minutes and patients can go home with minimal recovery time.  Any remaining embryos can be cryopreserved for future use.
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