Third Party Reproduction/Donor Embryo

Donor Embryo

Embryo Donation Recipients:

Becoming the recipient of a donated embryo(s) is a unique and cost-effective alternative to start or grow your family. By using a donated embryo(s), individuals and couples who might not otherwise have been able, are given the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood.  Because the embryos have already been created and cryopreserved, patients who are planning to use donor embryos will have an expedited timeline for their embryo transfer.

“Having the option to be the recipient of donated embryos has changed our lives!  We are now the proud parents of a little bundle of joy that we never thought we would have.  We are FOREVER grateful to our embryo donors – thank you!”  

-Embryo Donation Recipient


Embryo Donation Donors:

Embryo donation provides another option for Reach patients who have completed their families and have remaining frozen embryos.  They may choose to donate these embryos to another Reach patient.  We are pleased to offer patients who have remaining embryos the option to donate their embryos through either a known (direct) donation or through an anonymous (de-identified) donation.    

“The IVF process is hard.  We were very fortunate to end up with multiple embryos from our cycle.  After completing our family, we still had some remaining.  The thought of discarding them was not something we were comfortable with, so embryo donation was the perfect option for us.  From the beginning, we knew we would want to choose this option if we were lucky enough to be able to make it.  Passing on the joyous hope of parenthood to someone else!”

-Embryo Donor 


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