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Caremaps AI® Embryo Selection

Better Technology=Better Chance of having a baby.

Selecting the embryo with the most potential is one of the most critical elements in IVF treatment. Developed by UK based, world fertility leader Care Fertility, Caremaps AI®, is a time-lapse imaging technique, powered by artificial intelligence, that has been designed to help us choose the embryo with the most potential without the need for genetic testing.

Our fertility scientists have undertaken extensive research for over a decade to improve the accuracy of embryo selection. This research has resulted in models, or algorithms which select embryos with the highest likelihood of becoming a baby.

How do we use artificial intelligence (Caremaps AI®) to analyze embryo development?

We are part of a large network of fertility practices, all of which perform high tech embryology work in the same way. Using years of data from all these clinics, we have collated almost half a billion images from over 60,000 embryos from our time lapse incubators. The analysis of this information was incremental in developing our machine learning model that accurately and automatically assesses embryos.

Caremaps AI Growing Around the World

The Benefits of Caremaps AI®:

  1. Higher Birth Rates
  2. Environment + Experience
  3. Highly Advanced Technique
  4. Embryo Assessment
  5. Expert Analysis
Higher Birth Rates
Caremaps AI® provides better embryo selection, allowing embryologists to identify the embryos that have the best chance of producing a healthy baby.
Environment + Experience
Powered by AI to enable the selection of the very best embryo, Caremaps AI® combines the best closed incubation environment and the most highly skilled embryologists with 12 years of timelapse experience.
Highly Advanced Technique
Care Fertility scientists are world-leaders in time-lapse technology, and the Caremaps-AI® technique is highly advanced and based on tens of thousands of data points. We have developed models that help us more reliably select the highest quality embryos with the greatest chance of success.
Embryo Assessment
Embryo assessment using machine learning. When based on large quantities of high-quality data, is more accurate and more consistent than the assessments made by humans.
Expert Analysis
It is estimated that an embryologist with 10 years of training and experience may have assessed approximately 10,000 embryos. Caremaps AI® is based on over 60,000 embryos and almost half a billion images of those embryos.

Quick Facts about Caremaps AI®

  • Removes any human subjectivity of embryo assessment.
  • More detailed information than standard incubation method; cell division timings and embryo development patterns are recorded using time-lapse images.
  • Full time-lapse video image files in 7 focal planes.
  • Better choice of embryo = Better chance of a healthy baby.
Caremaps AI Quick Facts

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