Your First Visit : Overview

Your First Visit

You do not need a referral in order to be seen by a REACH physician, but many of our patients are referred by a physician.

Beginning Fertility Treatment
Beginning Fertility Treatment

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Appointment requests can be made by calling or by e-mailing our office or by an appointment being requested from your physician. During the set-up of your New Patient consultation, instructions should be provided to you as to the information we will need prior to your first visit. Those items include, insurance information, medical records from your OB/GYN or general medicine provider and the completion of our new patient forms which you will find a link to below. You may also be asked for a deposit to hold your New Patient slot, but that deposit also acts as your co-pay for your first visit.

As of August 1, 2017 cash payments will not be accepted.  All major credit cards , personal or cashier checks and money orders will be the only forms of payment accepted.

Please plan on arriving at your appointment at least 20 minutes prior to your appointment and expect at least an hour and a half for your first visit. The physician will meet with you and your partner (our physicians prefer that your partner is present at the first consultation) and review your medical history with you both. They will most likely do an exam which could include a vaginal ultrasound. Lab work may also be ordered.

You will have a team of fertility experts to guide you through your visit. Each physician has two nurses, an infertility nurse and an IVF nurse. They will be an integral part of your fertility treatment and you should meet them both during your visit.

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