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November, 14, 2023


Using reproductive technology to give patients the best chance of starting or growing their family.

What is it?

Selecting the embryo with the most potential is one of the most important elements in IVF treatment. Caremaps-AI®, our time-lapse imaging technique powered by artificial intelligence, has been designed to help us choose the embryo with the most potential without genetic testing.

Simply put, better technology provides a better chance of having a healthy baby.

How does it work?

Our fertility scientists have undertaken extensive research for over a decade to improve the accuracy of embryo selection. This resulted in models, or algorithms to select embryos with the highest chance of becoming a baby. Using a highly sophisticated embryoscope, we can take photos and videos of your embryo developing in every stage of growth, from fertilization right up until the time of transfer.  These photos and the AI analysis assign each embryo a score.  The embryo with the highest score is identified as the embryo with the highest chance of becoming a healthy baby.  

As a patient, you can keep copies of the photos and video images as a keepsake of your fertility journey.  

How did Care produce an artificial intelligence tool (Caremaps-AI®) to analyze embryo development to predict the chance of a birth?

Because we have a large group of clinics performing the same high-tech embryology, we collated almost half a billion images, from over 60,000 embryos, from our time lapse incubators and trained a machine learning model to assess them accurately and automatically.

Could Caremaps-AI® be right for me?

Caremaps-AI® time-lapse embryo imaging is available to all our IVF patients. It is a noninvasive technique which is used to make our routine embryo selection process even more effective. Thousands of babies have been born following treatment which included Caremaps-AI®.

Better Choice=Better Chance.

Using Caremaps-AI® technology yields higher birth rates than standard methods.  Caremaps-AI® gives better embryo selection, removes human subjectivity, and allows embryologists to see which embryos have the best chance of producing a baby.

Caremaps-AI® time-lapse embryo imaging is unique to Reach- we are the only clinic in the United States offering Caremaps-AI®. 

If you think Caremaps may be a good option for you, contact Reach Fertility today!

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