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May, 17, 2023
Elective Egg Freezing
Elective Egg Freezing

Starting a family is kind of a big deal - Is now the right time? Maybe I should wait? Maybe we should try in a few years? These are all common thoughts and questions that women have when it comes to family planning. If you’re hoping to have a family but aren’t quite ready, elective egg freezing may be a good option for you.


For women, our fertility and egg quality begins to decline at the age of 30 and declines even faster when we reach our mid-30s and beyond. For many, that may be too soon to start a family whether that’s due to financial strains, career paths or other factors.


Elective egg freezing gives women the opportunity to harvest healthy eggs now for use when they are ready and it’s a pretty easy process. Eggs are removed from the ovaries using an IVF procedure then frozen and stored safely for later. Before the procedure, your fertility specialist will have you take fertility medications to boost your egg production and increase your chances of a greater egg retrieval. Once you are ready to get pregnant, the eggs will be thawed, fertilized, monitored for quality and then transferred to your uterus.


If you are interested in learning more about elective egg freezing, register for our upcoming Egg Freeze Happy Hour information session on June 8th!



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