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March, 16, 2023
Cost of Fertility Treatment For Women With Infertility
Cost of Fertility Treatment For Women With Infertility

An infertility diagnosis can come with lots of obstacles when it comes to paying for treatment. For some patients, they may have limited or no infertility benefits with their insurance plans so they have to figure out how to pay for treatment on their own. It’s important to know what costs you may incur and that you have options. Before beginning treatment, you should contact your insurance provider to find out what may be covered.

Here are some of the common costs associated with fertility treatment:

  • Pre-Cycle Testing: Estimated $600 - $800
    • Pre-Cycle Testing refers to all the testing/visits that occur before any treatment is initiated. This may include consultations, in-house bloodwork, and ultrasounds.
  • Specific Diagnostic Tests: These tests may or may not be needed to determine the best treatment plan for you. They are often billed as infertility. Most insurance companies consider them diagnostic tests.
    • HSG: Estimated fees $800
    • Saline Ultrasound: Estimated fees $1000
    • Outside bloodwork: (Billed directly by reference lab) Fees vary and may be dependent on your insurance coverage and whether the lab is out of network.
  • Cycle Management Fees: $160 - $550
    • Cycle Management Fees are an administration fee that is non-billable to your insurance per treatment cycle. This charge helps to defray the costs of your medical team to interpret lab results and ultrasounds and to advise on next steps during your cycle. We charge this in place of office visits to help patients saveon maximum limits with insurance.


Below are prices for our basic treatment packages. Our package pricing includes all services related to treatment as well as any required bloodwork and/or ultrasounds (monitoring) visits during treatment. Your financial counselor will be able to prepare a formal estimate for you. Anesthesia fees are not included.

  • Ovulation Induction (OI) $700
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) $1,200
  • In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) $14,000
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) $3,000
  • Fertility Preservation *Not covered by insurance $7,000
  • Minimal Stimulation IVF *Not covered by insurance $6,000
  • Egg Bank $22,000
  • Donor Cycles $27,000
  • Reciprocal Female $16,000
  • IVF with Gestational Carrier $18,000
  • IVF with Donor and Gestational Carrier $27,000
  • Egg Thaw $10,000
  • FET with Gestational Carrier $5,000


Most of the treatment options will require medications that you will obtain from a specialty pharmacy either dictated by your insurance or recommended by your nurse. The cost of medications is determined by your pharmacy and fees vary greatly upon treatment.

Cryopreservation of Embryos: 

Often, we are able to preserve eggs and/or embryos for future use. This service incurs a one-time fee for initial preservation plus a monthly or yearly fee for storage.

  • Embryo/Egg freezing $500
  • Storage per specimen type $50 per month or $600 yearly

Post-Cycle Costs: Estimate fees $800 - $1200

Post-Cycle Costs are all the testing/visits that occur after any treatment is completed to determine outcomes. This may include consultations, in-house lab work and ultrasounds. Coverage for these services is determined by your insurance carrier.

If you are ready to begin fertility treatment and would like to know what your costs will be, contact the Reach financial team today! Our financial team will review your specific treatment plan with you and go over all the costs of the plan to help you navigate what financial option will best fit your needs. 

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