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August, 21, 2023
Top Questions (and Answers) our Physicians are Asked
Top Questions (and Answers) our Physicians are Asked

Visiting an infertility specialist can be nerve wracking. You have loads of questions and aren’t sure where to start. We do our best to ease your mind going into each consultation and follow up appointments but we understand that sometimes you forget a question while you are in our office.


The Reach Fertility team has put together the most asked questions with answers below to help you feel more prepared going into your initial consultation.


  1. What types of tests can I expect?
    • The types of tests your infertility specialist may recommend will vary based on your medical history and whether you are male or female. For women, testing may include blood work and ultrasound investigation as well as other further testing for diagnosis. For men, a sperm motility check is common. When you meet with a fertility specialist, they will discuss all of the testing and what they recommend for you moving forward.
  2. Will I need to make changes to my lifestyle due to my infertility?
    • Your doctor may recommend certain lifestyle changes based on your age, diagnosis, and/or medications you are or may be taking. Overall, we want to help you be as healthy as possible and will help you to improve your overall chances of conceiving with fertility treatment.
  3. What type of treatment will I need?
    • Treatment is based on each individual patient and their diagnosis. For some, fertility medication is all that is needed. For others, IVF may be necessary. Reach Fertility Center offers a wide range of treatments and services including: IUI, IVF, genetic testing, fertility preservation, fertility diagnosis (for men and women), LGBTQIA+ family building options and frozen embryo transfers.
  4. What is the timeline for treatment?
    • Depending on the recommended treatment plan, your timeline is based around your cycle. Your infertility doctor will give you a detailed timeline for each step such as medication timing, procedures, follow-ups and more. Rest assured, your doctor will be very specific in explaining every step of your treatment plan with you and ensure you are comfortable along your fertility treatment journey.
  5. What about payment and insurance? 
    • Reach Fertility Center works with several insurance providers that cover some costs of infertility treatment. For those that fall outside of those insurance providers, we have partnered with several fertility financing programs that can help offset the costs of treatment. Our financial team will review each patient’s specific treatment plan and help navigate which financial option best fits your needs. For more information about financing, visit our financial page!


If you are ready to explore your family growing options, contact Reach Fertility Clinic to schedule an appointment today!
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