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December, 12, 2022
What To Know: Traveling During Infertility Treatment
What To Know: Traveling During Infertility Treatment

The holiday – and traveling – season is upon us! If you’re undergoing infertility treatment, it’s best to make a plan ahead of time. Traveling during a treatment cycle requires a strict schedule and plenty of preparation.

Here’s what you need to know so that you can plan ahead and enjoy your time away!

  1. Have a schedule! If you are already undergoing treatment, you know that administering and/or taking your medications on a schedule is extremely important. It’s especially important to stay on that same schedule regardless of a time zone change!
      • So, make a plan with your care team! Set alarms on your phone and make sure you are prepared with everything you need to stay on schedule and monitor as needed.
  2. Pack. Maybe you’re an overpacker – in this case, that’s a very good thing! You will of course need to make sure you have all of your medications and means of administration but you may also need a lunch box or cooler for any medications that require refrigeration. It’s best to chat with your care team about ways to keep your medications cool.
      • If you’re driving, make sure you have your cooler ready and easy to access when it’s time!
  3. Check TSA – if you’re flying. Check the TSA website ahead of time for rules and regulations regarding traveling with your medications, syringes and needles.
      • Note: Some medications should not go through the x-ray scanner so ask your doctor for a note and speak with the TSA agents to explain that you are currently undergoing treatment.
  4. Contact your airline. It’s important that you contact your airline to ensure you are up to date with whatever rules and regulations they have regarding traveling with your medications and syringes as well as a means of keeping your medications cool.


As always, speak with your care team before you travel to ensure it is safe and okay for you to do so. Once you get the okay, create a schedule, pack accordingly and enjoy your time away!


From the Reach Fertility Center team, Happy Holidays!!

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