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"The nurses, doctors, and staff were incredible to me. I already had so much to worry and think about, and REACH took charge and did all the thinking for me. They also provided resources to help me afford the procedure."

"Dr. Crain and my nurse Mary took exceptional care of me, and they were confident that they could preserve my chances of becoming a mother one day."

A.H., Lincolnton, NC - May, 2011

"I think that REACH made our unfortunate situation with infertility as easy, manageable, and comfortable as possible. While, of course, I would have loved for our 1st attempt at IUI to work and to have been a quick in-and-out patient, I understand those odds weren’t anywhere near 100%. My husband and I are just THRILLED that, in time, we eventually got the outcome we were praying for and that we’re now 11 wks pregnant!"

"We had total confidence and trust in Dr. Wing. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional."

E.B., Huntersville, NC - June 2011

"Overall it was wonderful. We were part of the Attain program, which was a huge benefit (other IVF centers in area do not offer the program). We could tell from our first meeting with Dr. Whelan that he was extremely intelligent, very experienced and would treat our infertility aggressively, which is exactly what we wanted. The first attempt at IVF was unsuccessful; however, Dr. Whelan was very determined as well as empathetic - he understood the frustrations that we were feeling and helped us stay positive throughout the entire process. The second attempt was successful and we now have a beautiful baby girl. We are beyond thrilled with our results."

K.H., Terrell, NC - October 2011