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Fertility Specialist Spotlight: Dr. Joseph Whelan

June 05, 2018
By REACH Fertility

When Dr. Joseph Whelan joined REACH in Charlotte, North Carolina, things were a little different. Both the city and the practice were much smaller. One thing that has always been consistent? His commitment to excellence and compassion for his patients.

Dr. Whelan, a Virginia native, joined REACH in 2004, and has been able to watch both the community and practice thrive over the past 14 years. When asked what he loves most about the community, Dr. Whelan said that he “loves that Charlotte is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan and diverse.” Over this time, the patients that walk through the doors of REACH’s Charlotte, North Carolina fertility clinic has become more diverse as well, allowing him to help a wide range of patients build the family of their dreams.

The field of reproductive endocrinology and infertility has changed as well – now, the field is “enormously more complex, but also much more effective and efficient.” He sees the field becoming even more effective in the future. Dr. Whelan believes that over time, fertility specialists will be able to more accurately determine whether an embryo viewed under the microscope will actually be able to make a baby – lessening the chances that a couple will need to experience the pain that comes with a negative pregnancy test after the two week wait.

As much as the area and the field has changed, Dr. Whelan is still enormously touched by each patient’s struggle with infertility. More than anything, he wants couples to know that there’s no shame with getting the help you need to build the family you’ve always dreamed of. "Don’t be afraid to get help early – at least just start with an evaluation from a friendly, non-pushy, formally trained reproductive endocrinologist. Find out what you’re working with."

If you’re trying to conceive without success, don’t lose hope – Dr. Whelan and the fertility specialists of REACH in Charlotte, North Carolina have decades of experience helping couples build their families. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Whelan or another REACH fertility specialist, contact us at 888-551-0874 or request an appointment today.


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