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Fertility Specialist Spotlight: Dr. Matrika Johnson

August 13, 2018
By REACH Fertility

Quite a few things have changed since Dr. Matrika Johnson joined REACH three years ago. At the time, the Lake Norman office had just relocated to Mooresville to the beautiful Langtree area and the first recipients of the Bundle of Joy fund had just been announced.  REACH fertility clinic is not the only thing that has changed in that time. The city of Charlotte has changed as well, becoming a thriving and diverse center for progress in the state. These changes are ones that Dr. Matrika Johnson appreciates, with each neighborhood contributing in its own way to the variety in food, drinks, and cultural activities available to the community.

The Patient Experience

In the past three years, Dr. Matrika Johnson has found that the patients, staff and available treatments have become far more diverse. To her, this increased diversity has helped make REACH an even better place for patients to start their path to parenthood, stating that “diversity provides a better patient care environment for all patients.”

Providing the best patient care possible for each patient is of the utmost importance to Dr. Matrika Johnson, especially since she is continually touched by each patient’s unique situation. When speaking to patients about their treatment plan options, she knows that “it could be me or any of my close friends in the exact same situation.”

Luckily, the improvements in technology has given patients more options than ever, increasing their chances of building the family of their dreams. “We have improved embryo culture media and are now capable of doing transfers on day-5 instead of day-3, increasing our pregnancy rates dramatically.” Advances in vitrification have also helped women who are seeking to preserve their fertility, whether for personal or medical reasons. “In the time I have been practicing, egg freezing has changed from an experimental treatment to a standard and popular form of treatment.”

The Future of Fertility Treatment

Fertility testing and treatments have come a long way since the first IVF baby was born 40 years ago. Today, most can undergo testing to discover the cause of their infertility. But for roughly 10% of infertile couples, the cause for their infertility is unexplained even after completing all testing. For Dr. Matrika Johnson, discovering the cause of unexplained infertility is the next great frontier in reproductive endocrinology. Discovering the cause behind unexplained infertility will help her and the other fertility specialists at REACH fertility clinic customize treatment plans for these patients to help them build the family of their dreams.

If you are struggling with infertility, Dr. Matrika Johnson hopes that you remember to be flexible and open to all of the possible ways of creating a family. "Families are created in many different ways. Never give up on your dreams of family." With persistence and flexibility, building a family is possible. If you’ve been trying to conceive without success, contact us today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Matrika Johnson to take the first step on your path to parenthood.


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