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The Importance of Yearly Check Ups for Men

June 30, 2017
By REACH Fertility Clinic Charlotte

You get your car serviced regularly right?  Well, you should give yourself that same kind of treatment with annual exams that can help find problems before they start.  When you detect health issues early, your chances for treatment and a healthy prognosis dramatically improve.  By seeking the right health services, screenings, and treatments, you increase your chances for living a longer, healthier life. 

"Our busy lives and work schedules often prevent us from seeking routine preventative care," says Robert W. Brenner, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Founder of the Preventative Medicine Program at New Jersey-based Summit Medical Group.  "But evidence-based preventative medicine is cost-effective and reduces the risk of illness and disease."

Your age and individual health conditions will determine what tests you should have done and how often you should have them, but will typically include the following…

  • Annual physical exam by your primary care physician that includes a blood test, blood pressure and height/ weight checks
  • Screening for testicular cancer, including monthly self exams
  • Cholesterol testing every 5 years
  • Based on health conditions and family history, you may need an electrocardiogram to check for heart disease and blood tests to screen for diabetes, thyroid disease, liver problems, and anemia
  • Other risk factors may lead to additional screening such as skin cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infection, and alcohol abuse

Fertility testing is equally important for men as well.  In about 20% of infertile couples, the man is the sole cause of the inability to conceive, and in another 30%-40%, he is the contributing factor.  By discovering male fertility issues early, the better the chances of nixing the problem sooner and achieving a successful pregnancy with their partner.  

If you would like more information on male fertility testing or you’re interested in scheduling a consultation with one of our top physicians at either our Lake Norman or Charlotte fertility clinics, please call (888) 551-0874.  

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