Medical Team : Nicole Chappell, NP

Nicole Chappell, NP

Nicole Chappell, NP

Nicole Chappell is a Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. Nicole received her graduate degree from Seton Hall University. She was born and raised in the North Carolina high country. Prior to specializing in infertility, Nicole worked in the specialty of OB/Gyn for over two decades. Women’s health has been her primary focus since she began in healthcare.  

Infertility has been a passion for her since early in her career. Nicole explains, “When a patient chooses you as an infertility provider and trusts in you to help start or complete their family how can you not be personally invested?” Nicole feels that each patient has their own unique story that has led them to REACH, and each patient needs individualized care and attention. 

Nicole works out of the REACH Lake Norman/Langtree office alongside Dr. Richard Wing, the founder of the practice.  While working in the OB/Gyn setting she often referred patients for infertility treatment. Patients were most complimentary of their experience at REACH. Nicole knows firsthand the results REACH provided to her previous patients, and is pleased to now be a part of the REACH team.

Nicole enjoys spending time on the water. Paddle boarding is one of her favorite past times. Cooking has become a recent love, as well as travel. The warmer the beach and the whiter the sand, the more she enjoys it!  Family time is also important to her.

Nicole is currently accepting new patients in our Lake Norman/Langtree location.

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