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Fertility Specialist Spotlight: Dr. Jack Crain

July 23, 2018
By REACH Fertility

Few people have been at REACH as long as Dr. Jack Crain. Since its inception, Dr. Crain has been a part of the team of fertility specialists at REACH, helping hundreds of patients realize their dreams of family. For Dr. Crain, Charlotte has been home for decades and a lot has changed in that time. The uptown area has seen explosive growth, and with Dr. Wing, he helped develop one of the first IVF programs in the community. As a long-term member of the community, Dr. Crain has nothing but good things to say about the area. “It’s a beautiful, fast growing city with friendly people,” he says. Combined with the proximity to his family and friends, it’s a place he is proud to call home.

Changes in Fertility

When Dr. Jack Crain first began practicing reproductive endocrinology, the subspecialty that treats those with infertility, it was mostly a surgical specialty. At the time, IVF was still very much a new technology, and the success rates were not as high as they are today. He sees the field continuing to change with new technologies becoming available to patients, with one of the biggest areas of possibility in targeted gene therapy for patients concerned about passing on genetic diseases and predispositions to their children.

Advice for Patients

To patients struggling to conceive, Dr. Crain’s advice is simple: “Be patient and proactive,” he says. Being aware of your fertility and your goals for family building early on are essential, as is seeking out help from a fertility specialist once you realize there may be an issue. Patience is also key for patients struggling with infertility – properly diagnosing the cause can take time, as can successfully achieving a pregnancy.  While not all patients will achieve a pregnancy on the first round of IVF or their first IUI, persistence is key to achieving your dreams of family.

Knowledge is also power – making sure you know to manage your expectations depending on your diagnosis is key, as is learning what your likely costs will be so you can plan accordingly.

Always Growing

Dr. Crain sees a bright future for the REACH fertility clinic. He sees the practice continuing to grow and help even more patients achieve their dreams of family. He also sees improvements in advanced reproductive technologies making it possible for even more patients to bring home a happy, healthy baby with the right help.

If you’ve been trying to conceive without success, the fertility specialists of REACH fertility clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina are here to help. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Crain or another REACH fertility specialist, contact us at 888-5521-0874 to schedule an appointment today.

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