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Drynuary: A way to improve fertility?

January 08, 2018
By REACH Fertility

Many people enjoy a nice glass of wine or a cocktail to unwind throughout the year. During the holidays, however, this tends to get kicked into over drive. With all of the holiday parties, dinners, and New Year's  events, it’s easy to overindulge. So come January, many people decide to take a break from alcohol and participate in Drynuary (or a dry January).

If you’re trying to conceive, this year may be a good one to join them as alcohol consumption has been shown to negatively impact fertility. Below, the fertility experts of REACH explain how alcohol can affect your fertility and provide some tips on completing a successful Drynuary.


How Alcohol Affects Fertility

While it’s not fully understood, the consensus among medical professionals is that alcohol can impact hormones important for a successful pregnancy (such as progesterone), as well as egg production and quality. For men who consume alcohol, studies show a decrease in their sperm’s mobility, motility, morphology, and velocity.  If you and you’re partner are trying to conceive, committing to completing a dry January may improve the quality of your sperm and eggs, possibly making it easier for you to conceive.


Tips for a Successful Drynuary

Completing a successful Drynuary isn’t always easy. It can be tempting to have a drink when out with friends or when relaxing after a long day, so the fertility experts of REACH have a few tips for you:

1. Don’t Go It Alone

Abstaining from drinking, just like any new habit you’re trying to form, is easier if you do it with someone else. Participate in dry January with a friend, or better yet, your partner! Avoiding alcohol will help both you and your partner’s fertility working together to keep each other accountable.

2. Enjoy some Mocktails

Plenty of places are embracing the move towards non-alcoholic drinks. Many restaurants now offer menus of “mocktails” or virgin versions of other drinks. You can also use this as an opportunity to explore and become your own mixologist. Experiment with mixers for your seltzer and create your own off-menu versions of your favorite drinks.

3. Get Creative

It’s easier to avoid drinking when you’re not spending time in bars. Try planning events with friends and family at places like museums, parks, or coffee shops, where the activity doesn’t revolve around having a glass or two of wine.


Completing a Drynuary can be difficult, but with a few tools you’ll be finishing off the month before you know it. Not only will it improve your overall health, but it can boost your fertility and your chances of achieving a pregnancy.

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