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4 Reasons to Seek Fertility Treatment Early On

April 03, 2018
By REACH Fertility

For most couples, deciding to start a family is a happy time. Planning for the future, talking about what their family will look like, and the feelings of hope that comes with growing a family tends to bring couples even closer together. But for 12% of couples in America, the feelings of joy and hope begin to dissipate with each negative pregnancy test, month after month.

For couples who experience difficulty achieving or maintaining a pregnancy, the experience can feel isolating – but they are not alone. Infertility is a common problem in the U.S., with one in eight couples struggling with infertility. So when should you seek fertility help? And what can you do now to increase your chances of success? Below, the experts of REACH Fertility Clinic in Charlotte and Lake Norman, North Carolina go over four reasons why you should not put off seeking fertility help.

1. Advancing Age Can Limit Your Options

When it comes to fertility, age is one of the most important factors that impacts both women and men. For couples where the woman is under 35, infertility is defined as being unable to conceive after a year of trying. For couples in which the woman is 35 or older, treatment should be sought after six months of trying without success. Once a woman reaches 40, help should be sought once the couple decides to start a family, due to both the quantity and quality of eggs women have at different stages of their lives.

But age can impact male fertility as well. While the decline in male fertility isn’t as steep as it is for women, male fertility begins to decline around 40 years old. At this point, men can experience a decrease in sperm quality, meaning that it will take them longer to impregnate their partner. Additionally, the lower quality sperm means that any resulting pregnancies are more likely to result in miscarriage.

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2. Potentially Lower Cost of Conception

For many women who are 40 and over, more invasive procedures like IVF may be the first course of action in order to increase their chances of conception. But for women who seek fertility help earlier, their costs associated with fertility treatment may be lower.

Younger women are more likely to have a better reserve of quality eggs, meaning they are more likely to be successful with less invasive methods like timed intercourse, fertility medications or intrauterine insemination (IUI). Not only are these treatments less invasive – they are also significantly less expensive than more involved procedures such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

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3. Valuable Health Information

Most men and women don’t go to the doctor regularly anymore. Many younger men and women don’t even have a primary care physician and instead only see a physician when they’re ill. This lack of regular and thorough care means many people today are unaware of health issues they may have.

When starting fertility treatment, patients receive full workup. This comprehensive exam and the testing results can provide a wealth of general health information to patients. For many men and women, their infertility is caused by an underlying health issue they weren’t aware they had. These issues (such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or thyroid diseases) can cause a variety of health problems in addition to infertility, ranging from hypertension to depression. By learning that they have an underlying disease, patients are able to take the first step towards treating it and taking charge of their health.

4. Preserving your future fertility

Many women today are delaying child bearing into their late thirties and even forties, often causing them greater obstacles to achieving a pregnancy. But for young women today, advancements in egg freezing can help women increase their chances of success if they decide to postpone parenthood. For these women, time is still of the essence! Women who are considering freezing their eggs should move forward as soon as possible to increase their chances of success. Since egg quality and quantity decline as women age, women who choose to freeze their eggs earlier have a higher likelihood of freezing enough high-quality eggs to give them a good chance of conceiving in the future.

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When it comes to your fertility, the sooner you can get help for any issues you may have, the more likely you are to be able to eventually bring home a baby. If you and your partner would like to learn more about your treatment options, contact the fertility experts at REACH Fertility Clinic in Charlotte and Lake Norman, North Carolina at 888-551-0874 or request an appointment today.


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