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Planning Your Summer Vacation Around Fertility Treatments

July 26, 2017
By REACH Fertility Charlotte

Family planning while vacation planning…it’s not easy.  Fertility treatments can be a time-consuming process that require a calendar full of doctor appointments and scheduled procedures (many of which have to be exactly at the right time).  However, never is it more important to enjoy a little R & R than when you’re going through fertility treatments.  Psychological factors such as stress and anxiety play a huge role in fertility.  It is incredibly important to remain positive, try your hardest to relax and to avoid anxiety often associated with infertility.  That being said, a vacation is just what the doctor ordered.  But how do you do that around your treatment schedule?  Here are some tips on how to do so…

Preparing for your trip…

  • Before you schedule your trip, talk to your doctor about your cycle timeline.  There may be days or weeks that are more optimal for travel, and your doctor will pinpoint those dates.
  • Avoid traveling during the phases of your treatment cycle where you need to be closely monitored by your doctor.  
  • Talk to your fertility doctor about how much medication you should take on your trip and when you should take it.  If you’re switching time zones, you many need to adjust your administration schedule to keep your hormone levels balanced.  

What to Pack…

  • The contact information for your fertility doctor.
  • The name of a fertility doctor located near your travel destination.  This is in the case of an emergency or if you need monitoring or a medication refill.  Ask your regular doctor for a referral.  
  • Your fertility medications in their original containers
  • A schedule of when to take your fertility medication.  Again, it is very important to factor in time zone changes.  
  • A letter from your fertility doctor or clinic that lists the medications you are carrying which also explains medical reasons why you are taking them.   
  • Supplies to keep your medications at the correct temperature.  This may include a small, insulated cooler and a few ice packs.  Many fertility medications require refrigeration, so make sure you plan for this and take into consideration the duration of travel.  If you’re staying in a hotel, make sure they have refrigerators in the room.  
  • Sanitation supplies such as gauze, alcohol wipes, and hand sanitizer.
  • A sharps container to dispose of needles.

If You’re Flying…

  • Before your trip, check with the airline about the most up-to-date regulations and guidelines for traveling with medications.  
  • Before going through security, let them know you have medication needles and syringes that need to be checked.  Also, allow extra time to go through airport security as some medications may require additional screening.
  • Pack your fertility meds in your carry-on bag.  This way you can make sure the medication is stored at the correct temperature and avoid having them get lost should your checked luggage go missing.  

The last step….have fun!  While it may be difficult, try to take your mind off the treatments, have a great time, and relax.  You deserve it!

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