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How to Boost Your Fertility for Female Fertility Month

May 21, 2015
By REACH Staff

May is Female Fertility Month and the staff at REACH wanted to share some quick tips to help boost your fertility:

  • Know your BMI. If you are overweight or underweight, try to get as close to the normal BMI range as possible by exercising and eating healthy.
  • Try to remain relaxed. This is easier said than done, but stress isn’t going to help you get pregnant. While stress has not been proven to directly cause infertility, it can throw your cycle off and can have an overall effect on your physical wellbeing. Try yoga, massage or acupuncture to help you relax.
  • Track your ovulation. There are many ways to find out your most fertile days, including tracking your basal temperature and using ovulation kits. It’s a good idea to test these methods to make sure you are ovulating, and know the times that you are most likely to conceive.
  • Sleep. If you aren’t getting enough rest each night, you could be throwing off your cycle. Sleep is critical for your overall physical, mental and emotional health and if you aren’t getting enough, it can have a negative effect on your ability to conceive. Boost your fertility by keeping regular sleep and wake cycles.
  • Stay healthy. Getting sick can also throw off your cycle, so if you are tracking your ovulation and get sick - just know that it might be a few days off.
  • Limit caffeine. Cutting back to one or two cups of coffee or tea may help you get pregnant sooner.
  • Take your vitamins.  Remember to eat a well-balanced diet.  It also may be beneficial to take a multi vitamin or prenatal vitamins – check with your doctor.
  • No smoking! You know that smoking has many adverse effects on your health, but did you know that smoking actually ages your ovaries? Try to quit before trying to conceive.

Also, Resolve has developed an assessment tool to help understand your fertility and to assist in creating a plan for your family building journey

If you have been trying to conceive for more than one year with no success, schedule an appointment with one our reproductive specialists today! REACH can help you start the family you’ve dreamed of.


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