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Fertility Treatments & The Holidays

December 03, 2015
By REACH Fertility Charlotte

The Reproductive Endocrinology Associates of Charlotte understand that dealing with infertility at any time is difficult, but it can be particularly hard during the holiday season with all the family gatherings and parties every weekend. Our compassionate doctors share five tips on how to deal with infertility during the holidays:

  • Take this time of giving and holiday cheer to volunteer and help those less fortunate. It may help keep your mind off of your struggles and be more thankful about all the positives in your life. If it is painful to see children, stick to charities and organizations centered on animals or the elderly.
  • Plan your own holiday get-togethers with friends who don’t have children, so the topic of starting a family is unlikely to be brought up.
  • Vacation with your significant other and start your own holiday traditions away from nosy relatives.
  • Don’t feel guilty about declining an invitation to an event that will make you feel uncomfortable—we get it, you can only dodge baby questions for so long.
  • And in case you do get asked about your future family plans, be sure to have planned an answer with your partner. Decide on a generic response or if you want to be truthful before the parties so you are both on the same page.

The REACH staff wishes you all a joyous holiday season. If there is anything we can help you with on your fertility journey, feel free to reach out.

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