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Patient FAQs

What does my insurance cover?

Each patient's insurance plan is unique and it is strongly encouraged that you call your insurance provider to find out your infertility benefits. But, if you have an insurance provider with whom REACH is contracted, you will just have a co-pay for your first visit. Our financial counselors can tell you exactly what other treatment your plan may or may not cover during your first visit. All fees are expected at time of service.

Should my partner attend the first visit?

Yes. Our physicians prefer that both partners are present during the first visit.

How long does it take once I see the physician to start my plan of treatment?

Every patient situation is unique, but our physicians do like to have a plan in place after your first visit. For most patients, your treatment revolves around your cycle days and testing or procedures take place specific to those days. Our physicians treat patients on individual cases, not as a group or "batches" and are capable of doing any procedure on every day of the year except for the Christmas holiday when the IVF lab does break for a week.

What if I have questions outside of typical office hours?

REACH is open every day of the year and there is always a physician on call. There is the chance that you may get an answering service, but in the case of an emergency, the call service is able to get in touch with a physician.

I live outside of the Charlotte area, how often will I have to travel to REACH?

Each patient situation is unique, but fertility treatment can be a time consuming process. For patients that are being monitoring (lab work and ultrasounds), REACH opens at 7:00 AM in order to get patients in and out quickly. This is done to minimize patient time away from work, family, or any other plans. But, REACH also works closely with several area OB/GYN groups that have the capability to monitor patients for us. These groups are located across the state, so please ask our staff about those locations.