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Attain IVF gives you the greatest chance of success

Using Your Own Eggs
Number of cycles Refund
If you complete the program and don't take home a baby
Medical Criteria Average discount off fee-for-service Your chances of having a baby
If you complete the program
3+3 Refund up to 3 IVF and 3 free FETs up to 70% refund Yes up to 40% 92%
2+2 Refund up to 2 IVF and 2 free FETs up to 50% refund Yes up to 25% 80%
2+2 Multi-Cycle up to 2 IVF and 2 free FETs no refund* No up to 30% 68%
Using Donor Eggs
3+3 Donor Refund up to 3 IVF and unlimited free FETs up to 100% Yes up to 40% 98%

REACH is the exclusive provider of the Attain® IVF Programs in our region, which provides you multiple IVF cycles for a single, discounted fee. We are excited to offer these programs to our patients, because we are committed to making IVF care as accessible as possible to our patients – including those with limited or no insurance coverage for treatment.

Attain IVF offers a financial solution - and hope - for all our IVF patients

Whether you plan to use your own eggs or to use donor eggs, there is an Attain IVF Program for you!

Attain® IVF Refund Programs: Our refund programs for women using their own eggs include a money-back component if you don’t have a baby. They provide peace of mind that comes with the ability to preserve your financial resources if treatment is unsuccessful.

To take part, you will need to meet certain medical criteria. Over 75% of women who apply to the program are eligible to join. Two Refund Program options are available:

  • 3+3 Refund: Includes up to six cycles (three fresh and three free frozen) with a refund of up to 70% treatment is unsuccessful. 92% of participants who complete this program bring home a baby.
  • 2+2 Refund: Includes up to four cycles (two fresh and two free frozen) with up to a 50% refund if treatment is unsuccessful. 80% of participants who complete this program bring home a baby.

Attain® IVF 2+2 Multi-Cycle Program: Our multi-cycle program for women using their own eggs is a terrific course-of-treatment (multiple cycle) plan that fixes the cost of treatment and reduces stress over how many cycles you should go through and how much it will cost. There are no medical criteria to participate in this program. If you doctor recommends IVF, then you are automatically eligible for the Attain IVF 2+2 Multi-Cycle Program.

  • Includes up to four cycles (two fresh and two free frozen).
  • Single, discounted fee that’s about 30% less than if you were to pay for the same treatment plan on a cycle-by-cycle basis.
  • While there is no refund component, you may be entitled to a reimbursement for certain unused services if you withdraw prior to completing the program.

Attain IVF Donor Egg Refund Programs: For women who plan to use donor eggs, we offer our Donor Egg Refund Program.

  • Includes up to 3 fresh and unlimited free frozen embryo transfers.
  • There’s a refund of up to a 100% if treatment is unsuccessful.
  • 98% of women who complete this program bring home a baby!

Why choose a course-of-treatment program rather than pay as you go?

Even with the best technology and treatment, it takes most women more than one IVF cycle to be successful. The unknown about how many cycles you should go through and how much it will cost can be stressful – and increase the chance that you’ll stop treatment too early. That’s why we recommend an Attain IVF course-of-treatment plan to our patients.

We find that when our patients enroll in an Attain IVF Program, they are able to commit to the full treatment plan we have designed for them, which gives them the best possible chance of becoming a parent.

How do I apply for Attain IVF?

Applying is easy, free and there’s no obligation to participate. We’ll submit an Attain IVF application on your behalf to verify which program(s) you are eligible for.

Want to learn more about Attain IVF Programs? Click here to visit the Attain IVF website.

We also offer access to fertility financing through SpringstoneSM Patient Financing, with lowest available interest rates and loan terms that are up to 84 months. Ask your Financial Counselor for details.